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Rimz & Ribz
July 9, 2011

official show photo
Official show photo of Lynn in Annie as they arrive at the show. (Cornerstone Fellowship)

This will be Lynn's third showing at the Rimz & Ribz show sponsored by the Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore. In 2007 (the show's first year) he exhibited Penny and in 2008 it was Bugsby. This year he takes Annie. Besides hundreds of local cars and trucks, the event features barbequed ribs that are simply great.

The show has continued to grow and there must be more than 300 cars exhibited. The weather is mild and sunny, a perfect California day for a car show.

show Green Rambler V12 Lamborghini Annie
Overview of about 1/5-th of the cars at the show (left). A coordinated display of a green rambler (left-center) and a V12 Lamborghini (center-right) catches Lynn's eye. Annie also received a good deal of attention (right).

There are a number of prizes awarded by drawing and Annie scores a $300 paintless dent removal from California Dent Works. A week after the show, arrangements are made for Ted Martelle to come to Lynn's garage.

dent removal dent removal dent removal
Ted Martelle works his magic removing dents from Annie.

In about 30 minutes, Ted removes four or five dents from Annie. He says that Annie is the oldest car he's ever worked on. Ted also removes a ding in Penny's trunk lid and Lynn is definitely pleased with the results. For the removal of small dings, the speed of this repair can't be beat.

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