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Lost-in-Livermore Tour
April 29-May 1, 2011

stream crossing
Don King in his 1916 Cadillac crosses a stream on Mines Road.

The Nickel Age Touring Club (a chapter of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America) is holding a three-day tour out of Livermore. As the tour is based in Livermore, the Kissels have the unexpected pleasure of sleeping in their own bed each night rather than staying in a motel. Another benefit is that Lynn and Jeanne will use both Bugsby (days 1 and 2) and Annie (day 3) on this tour.

Day 1 of the tour runs south of Livermore, out Mines Road toward Mount Hamilton. The group stops for lunch at the Junction, a rustic bar and restaurant in an isolated location.

bikes regrouping
Nickel-era cars on Paterson Pass Road travel in the hills east of Livermore.

On Day 2 the tour heads east and north and winds up in Antioch. The participants dine at Humphreys on the Delta. The restaurant is named after Humphrey the Whale, a humpback whale that twice entered San Francisco Bay. His misadventures in 1985 and 1990 created quite a lot of press.

Audra, Andrew and Annie
Audra and Andrew with Annie at Kottinger's Barn, an adobe barn built in 1852 that also served as Pleasanton's first jail.

Jeanne has a horse show on day 3, so son Andrew and friend Audra join Lynn in Annie. The official tour runs west from Livermore to Pleasanton for brunch at the Fontaine Restaurant. After brunch, Audra, Andrew, Lynn and Annie extend their tour to Sunol, returning via Palomares Canyon Road.

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