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The Serious Freshening

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Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

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Selected After/Before Pictures

Selected views of Bugsby AFTER and BEFORE the serious freshening.

Summary Status and Links to Details

Here's a summary list of the repairs and restorations that have been initiated. Items that are still In Process are shown in RED. Click on the hyperlinks to view more detail on each item.

What Did You Do THAT For?

From late July through December of 2005, Lynn performed a initial freshening and comprehensive inspection of Bugsby, compiling a list of items that needed more attention. Starting in January of 2006, Lynn gets serious about competing some of the major items on this list. It takes four and one-half years before Lynn completes this effort with the fabrication of a new top.

A comment that Lynn has gotten from friends and strangers is why has he torn Bugsby apart. Most people felt that the car appeared to be in reasonably good shape. However, in Lynn's opinion, the car was not up to his standards for either driveability or show quality.

These pages document Lynn's progress on addressing the work on this list. He intends to keep these pages updated in near real time as individual work efforts are initiated and completed. The interested reader is encouraged to check back to learn about his progress.

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