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The Serious Freshening

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Engine—Exhaust Manifold

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Revised: 2006-04-22 — Started: 2005-12-28

EXHAUST HEADER: The exhaust manifold after initial clean-up had three cracked ears (left). After welding, the center ports needed to be filled with up to about 0.050" of braze before the exhaust manifold could be planed straight (center, right).

EXHAUST HEADER FINISHED: Using a 2000°F ceramic and stainless steel paste like a paint, Lynn coats the exhaust manifold to hide the welds and smooth the surface.

Work Completed:
In his initial freshening, Lynn found that several ears on the exhaust manifold of Bugsby were cracked and broken. Lynn took the exhaust to Portola Welding to be welded, and to D&M Auto to be straightened. Dan and Gene at D&M found that the exhaust was so badly bowed that instead of removing material to straighten it, they would add material to the center ports first.

Using AREMCO Pyro-Putty™ 2400 that he obtained from Restoration Supply Company, Lynn refinishes the exhaust manifold to obtain a more uniform external appearance. This bright finish is then receives a coat of flat black Pyro-Paint.

CUTTING ROUGH BLANKS: It surprises Lynn how difficult it was to cut the exhaust gaskets. Eventually he creates a "sandwich" of gasket material (left), that he uses a drill press to make stud holes and cut the corners of the opening, then he uses a bandsaw to trim the outside edges, then a scroll saw to cut out the interior, to obtain rough gaskets (right).

FITTING GASKETS: Each gasket needs to be had fit to each exhaust port (left to right, exhaust ports 5 to 1 as see from the right side of the engine - recall that port 3 is a shared by cylinders 3 and 4). It surprises Lynn how thin the gaskets are in some spots.

FINAL ASSEMBLY: Lynn installed new studs and brass nuts. Lynn's proud of the resulting fit and finish of the final assembly.

Work Remaining:

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