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KisselKar 4-40 Engine Videos
June 9, 2011

still of Annie's engine
A still image captured from a video of Annie's running engine

On June 5, 2011, Lynn receives an email from Andrew Wilson, owner of Herman, one of the two other KisselKar Model 4-40s still in existence. Receiving an email from Andrew isn't unusual as they periodically exchange experiences and thoughts about the finer points of ownership of their unique vehicles. In his note, Andrew points to a video that he's recently posted on YouTube of the sights and sounds of Herman's running engine and asks about the sound of Annie's engine.

The sounds that come from old engines is quite distinct from modern ones. The sound of valve slap, a spinning dynamo (aka, generator) chain, air intake and fan belt lacing hitting the pulleys is a very distinct. Andrew has described this as a kind of music that sounds like "puck-a-da, puck-a-da, puck-a-da, puck-a-da".

video of Herman's engine video of Annie's engine
Click on these thumbnails or follow the links to view the video of Herman's engine (left, via YouTube) or Annie's engine (right, 3 MB WMV).

Lynn uses his Samsung camera to make a 15 s video of Annie's running engine. Above are pointers to the videos of the two running 1914 KisselKar 4-40 engines. (You will need a WMV, Windows Media Video, player to obtain to view Annie's video and will likely need to adjust the volume to obtain a level similar to that of the YouTube video.)

It may be an acquired taste, but Lynn hears the music, too!

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