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Bullet—Kissel Kar Trailer

The Beast (Ford F250), Bullet (car trailer) and neighbor Brian (red shirt)
after attaching four Kissel Kar signs on Feb. 25, 2006.

Bullet Is A Trailer

Lynn wants to add some Kissel-related signage to Bullet, his 2006 Pace American enclosed car trailer. This trailer is a 20' long Shadow GT model that Lynn ordered from the factory and received in October, 2005. He popped for a number of cool options including LED tail and marker lights, aluminum alloy wheels and spare, aluminum tread plate floors, white aluminum interior walls, white vinyl ceiling, smooth side exterior, loading lights, interior lights, porch light, 12v battery and wiring for 110v distribution inside the trailer. Lynn added a 4000 lb Superwinch that he bought on eBay, with a wall mounted shutoff switch.

MEET BULLET: This enclosed car trailer was bought and equipped to haul Bugsby and other cars of the Kissel household.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Bullet has a number of desirable options including smooth exterior sides, aluminum wheels, tread plate flooring, white aluminum interior walls, scissor jacks at all four corners (left), and a 4000lb winch with cutoff switch (left center, right center, right).

Lynn spots some replica 1910's and 1920's dealership signs for sale on eBay and realizes that these signs will have multiple uses. Lynn mounts 1910-era signs to the front and right side of the trailer, and mounts 1920-era signs to the left and rear sides of the trailer. He hopes that the signs will prove durable to the elements (he's sprayed the signs with a clear coat of paint) and adds interest when he tows Bugsby to events.

BULLET GETS SOME SIGNAGE: Two 1920-era (left) and two 1910-era (right) replica Kissel Kar dealership signs are mounted to the sides of Bullet, our 2006 enclosed car trailer.
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