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David Krumboltz Article
Nov. 9, 2008

David Krumboltz
David Krumboltz poses with Bugsby.

David Krumboltz is a free lance reporter in the East Bay Area of San Francisco. Every two weeks he publishes a short article on an interesting automobile in the Livermore-Amador Valley.

On a Friday in October, David meets with Lynn and they spend the afternoon discussing Bugsby, Kissel cars and driving around the Livermore Valley in Bugsby. It was a very pleasant afternoon and it was great fun for Lynn to share his Kissel stories with David.

On November 9, David's article on Bugsby appears in the newspaper. Lynn is quick to scan a copy to share with his family and friends.

Tri-Valley Herald
Tri-Valley Times Inside Bay Area
David's article on Bugsby. Lynn found it in the Tri-Valley Herald (left), the Valley Times (center) and on (right).

Lynn would have suggested only one small correction to David's article. The factoid at the end of the fourth paragraph stating that "Only 35 are known to exist today" applies to the Speedster model. According to Dale Anderson, executive director of the Kissel Kar Klub, there are about 150 complete Kissel vehicles known to exist.

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