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San Francisco Concours d´Elegance
July 18, 2010

Jeanne and Lynn
Jeanne and Lynn pose in front of Bugsby at the 2010 Presidio at San Francisco Concours. (Photo by John Quam)

This year's Presidio at San Francisco Concours d'Elegance will be a kind of coming-out party for Bugsby. After suffering critical engine troubles in May, 2009, the car has had a complete, six-month engine rebuild that lasted well into November. Since February of this year, the car has been in Joe Anino's upholstery shop getting a top made. At the same time, most of Bugsby's bright work has been removed, repaired and replated or polished by Johnson Plating. Six new tires and fresh pyramid-textured-aluminum flooring completes the improvements to the car.

The San Francisco Concours is also helping to get Bugsby and Lynn ready for the Pebble Beach Concours in August. While there are many small items still left undone, all the major components of the car are now in place.

This is the second year for the revived San Francisco Concours, and the second year that Lynn and Jeanne Kissel will exhibit a Kissel automobile at the show. However, the car they showed last year was not Bugsby, but Annie (their 1914 KisselKar Touring). Lynn doesn't know what he'll do for the 2011 San Francisco Concours—he's run out of Kissel cars to show!

Art Deco Society Miss Art Deco
The Art Deco Society is very visible at this year's show.

The Kissels are pleased to see several collector car friends and other faces that they recognize from other events. They instantly recognize representatives of the Art Deco Society of California from the spectacular Gatsby Summer Afternoon event.

John Quam's 1930 Chrysler John Quam's 1930 Chrysler
John Quam's 1930 Chrysler Model 70 Roadster.

One friend and fellow Kissel owner they meet is John Quam, who has brought a beautiful 1930 Chrysler to exhibit. Among the many interesting cars owned by John are Grant's Special (a freshly restored 1914 KisselKar 4-40 Semi-Racer) and a 1925 Kissel 8-75 4-passanger Speedster. John and Lynn both expect to display their cars at the historic gathering of Kissel Speedsters in Michigan in September.

1925 Doble Retro couple Bugsby blurb in program 2nd place award
Parked along side Bugsby is this rare 1925 Doble. A fashionable couple pose for a picture. There blurb on Bugsby is in the show program. The Kissels manage to snag 2nd place in their class.

There are lots of interesting vehicles and people to see. One is a 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I, a representative of the shows featured marquee. It was originally a gift from the British monarch to an Indian Maharaja. The car has nautical air vents and tows an artillery piece behind it.

Parked next to Bugsby is a 1925 Doble Model E, probably the most sophisticated steam car ever built. Here's a link to a Jay Leno video about his Doble.

Lynn and Jeanne are pleased to be awarded a 2nd place prize for Bugsby, their best showing to date with the car.

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