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New Equipment

Descriptions of significant new equipment for Bugsby are detailed below. These descriptions are shown in reverse chronological order (newest first).

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Kissel Motometer, Nov. 29, 2005

Lynn acquired this NOS (new old stock) Kissel Motometer on eBay. While Lynn paid a lot of this item, the condition of the interior lettering is in excellent condition. Also, the trim on this Motometer is of a fancy design; even the fastening screws have sculptured heads. Of course, the real attraction is the Kissel logo on the front of the meter.

Kissel Spare-Tire-Mount Mirrors, Nov. 14, 2005

Lynn was thrilled to see a set of old Kissel rear view mirrors appear for auction on eBay. Lynn paid a pretty penny for these two mirrors, but they were exactly what he was looking for.

Wood-Shaft Gold Clubs and Replica Bag, Sep. 26, 2005

Lynn watched the eBay auctions for about a month before he bid on this very nice set of irons and club. When Lynn asked the seller about these clubs, he was given the following information.

  • MacGregor, Popular Mashie S L, Dot Face Stamped Shaft (circa 1915)
  • MacGregor, Popular Mashie OA, Dashed Face, Stamped Shaft (circa 1915)
  • Hendry & Bishop; Edinburgh Special, MITRE Brand, #2 Iron, Dot Face (circa 1925)
  • Hendry & Bishop; Edinburgh Special, MITRE Brand, #3 Iron 145, Dot Face (circa 1925)
  • Wright & Ditson Accurate St. Andrews, Mid-Iron, Dot Face (circa 1910)
  • PGA Mid-Iron P-20, Line Face (circa 1935)
  • The Macgregor Spoon (or #3 Wood) (circa 1935)

Separately, Lynn spent a month looking for a suitable golf bag for his new clubs with very little success. He finally settled on a replica golf bag from TNT Golf. A representative from TNT said that the bag was based on a 1930's design.

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