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17th Annual
LLESA Vintage Vehicle Show
Sep. 21, 2006

Dash plaque awarded to the first 60 registered participants to arrive at the show.

Lynn in costume (background) spends the day chatting up the car and the history of the Kissel Motor Car Company (left). A flag set adds some color and movement to the chassis at the show (right). (Photos by Nancy A. Rutter.)

For a second year in a row, Lynn enters Bugsby in the LLESA Vintage Vehicle Show. LLESA is the Lawrence Livermore Employee Services Association and it holds an annual employee/retiree auto show. Last year, Lynn entered Bugsby in the vintage category and took first place.

This year, the body is still off of Bugsby. This is the third car show at which Lynn shows Bugsby's running chassis without the body. The body is still in the body shop undergoing a restoration of the rear deck. Hopefully Lynn will not be attending too many more shows without the body.

Lynn is gratified that many of the spectators remember him and the car from last year. Some people are confused and ask what Lynn has done with the car that he brought last year. Others were bemused and confide to Lynn that they think the car looked just fine before and suspect that Lynn may be mildly demented. Whatever.

Lynn takes these pictures of Bugsby before he goes to the show. For this event, Lynn has added a wooden platform behind the bench seat, using two reed baskets to hold his paraphernalia.

Lynn understandably does not take any prize in his category, but he has a great day talking with friends and strangers about his car. In the past year Lynn has learned lots more about Bugsby and its manufacturer. He really enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone who does not immediately run away.

Lynn's friend Willy owns early 1950 Ford convertibles that competes in the same pre-1955 vintage class with Bugsby. Willy has complained of Lynn's first-place win last year, in a friendly manner, asserting that Lynn cheated him of the first-place prize.

Willy also gets body work done at the same shop that's working on Bugsby. He's been reported to have asked the owner if the work could be delayed enough that Bugsby would not be complete in time for this year's LLESA car show. By eliminating the competition, this would apparently give Willy a chance to capture a first-place prize.

While Lynn does not think for one moment that Kevin Schell delayed completing the work on Bugsby because of Willy's suggestion, it has turned out that Bugsby is still not complete for this year's show. In spite of Bugsby being out of the serious competition, Willy is still cheated of his first-place win. The award this year goes to a beautiful black Jaguar. Willy mumbles that it's just another over restored car, exactly like Bugsby will be when it's complete. Thanks, Willy! Lynn takes that as a compliment.

There has also been some new equipment added to Bugsby. An inexpensive bike horn and fire extinguisher has been mounted on the side of the bench seat (left). The freshly restored Kissel stop light has been mounted (center three photos), replacing the incorrect light with which the car was delivered to Lynn (right).

Lynn never tires of taking pictures of Bugsby's engine, although repeat readers of these pages might tire of looking at them.
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