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Dave Arnold
Meadowbrook Restorations
181 N. Angle St.
Kaysville, UT. 84037

Lynn gratefully acknowledges multiple, extensive conversations with Dave Arnold, about Lynn's restoration activities with Bugsby. Dave restored a 1925 Kissel Model 6-55 Speedster (owned by DeWayne Ashmead) that was awarded 100 points at a Concours d'Elegance. Lynn flew to Utah and spent a day with Dave on January 27, 2006. David is restoring Bugsby's Stewart vacuum fuel pump and has furnished Lynn with a number of unique parts.

John Lewis
Wynnum (near Brisbane)
Queensland, Australia

John is the owner of a 1927 Kissel Model 6-55 Speedster. John has been of immense help to Lynn in establishing the history of Bugsby and its relationship to the other Australian Kissels. As a service to Lynn, John has sought out and contacted Ron Griffiths, the individual who first restored Bugsby in 1964. John has sent Lynn historical photographs of Bugsby and has helped Lynn determine the original factory colors of the car.

Ken MacKinnon
Freeland, Michigan

Ken first identified himself to Lynn on the Kissel Kar Klub Bulletin Board. At the time, Ken was considering the purchase of a disassembled 1926 Kissel Speedster. While new to Kissels, Ken is experienced in the resoration of old cars. Ken has turned out to be a good friend and aid to Lynn with his restoration efforts. Ken has loaned Lynn resource materials, traded parts with him, and given him sound advice on a number of technical issues.

Dale Anderson
Executive Director, Kissel Kar Klub
Executive Director, Wisconsin Automotive Museum

Lynn has had multiple email exchanges with Dale before and after acquiring Bugsby. Dale has been a great resource, connecting Lynn with other Kissel owners and providing helpful background information about Bugsby. Lynn expects to meet Dale in person, and have a good look at his museum when Lynn takes Bugsby to Hartford to participate in the 100-year celebration of the Kissel Motor Car Company in 2006.

Joe Leaf
Poulsbo, Washington

Joe contacted Lynn after seeing his website. Joe & Isabelle own a 1922 6-45 Speedster, a 1922 6-45 Tourster, and the chassis of a 1923 6-55 Phaeton. Joe and Lynn have talked by telephone several times and exchanged numerous email messages. Joe sent Lynn a copy of the Kissel body shop drawing of the 6-55 Speedster (Drawing #1122), a real resource. Joe also encouraged Lynn to create a Kissel Kar Klub bulletin board.

Don Bosco
Staten Island, New York

Lynn first contacted Don asking for details of the rear hatch on Don's 1923 6-55 Speedster. (Don also owns a 1925 6-55 2-door Brougham.) Since that first call, Don has shared a number of important insights such as an authoritative opinion about factory engine paint color. Don and Lynn are working on getting top hardware made for both of their speedsters.

Al Nippert
Schoharie, New York

Lynn contacted Al in pursuit of the rear hatch details. Al ownes an early 1923 6-55 Speedster that has had a late 6-45 engine.

Phil Renuart
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Lynn contacted Phil in pursuit of the rear hatch details. Phil ownes a 1924 6-55 Speedster that should be very similar to Bugsby.

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