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Closer Look
Nov. 5, 2010

Jim, Allan and Josh give Ginger a closer look
Jim Lawrence (front), Allan McCrary (middle) and Josh Malks (back) give Ginger a closer look.

Exhibiting Bugsby at the Neillo Concours d'Elegance at Serrano on Oct. 3, 2010, Lynn is delighted to find two Cords are also being shown by Allan McCrary and John MacPherson from Vacaville, California. Excited about the expected delivery of Ginger later in the month, Lynn approaches the Cord owners to see what he can learn from them. Both Allan and John are welcoming to the new owner. They share numerous tips and stories about Cords and exchange contact information with Lynn.

In the days and weeks that follow, Allan keeps in contact by email and responds to many of Lynn's continuing questions. Allan wonders if Ginger might be the car formerly owned by Bill Pedrazzi, before Lynn establishes this to indeed be the case.

Once a delivery date for Ginger has been established, Allan suggests that he and fellow Cord owners Jim Lawrence (Lafayette) and Josh Malks (Capitola) pay Lynn and Ginger a visit the following weekend. They want to welcome the new car and owner to the local Cord owners community and learn more about the condition of the car. Allan, Jim and Josh are long-term owners with a vast amount of experience between them. Josh is the editor of the ACD Club Newsletter and author of several books including his most recent book, Cord Complete.

Lynn welcomes the visit for a variety of reasons. He expects the visit early in his ownership will help jump start his knowledge on responsible ownership of a Cord. He also plans to compile a list of items needing near-term attention because of mechanical concerns and long-term authenticity issues that my take years to fully address.

All three visitors spend several hours discussing innumerable details of Ginger and Cords in general. In fact, Lynn is certain that he was unable to capture every bit of information as he scratches notes in his journal.

Eventually the three visitors and Lynn pile into Ginger and head out for a test drive. While initially planning a local drive, the party winds up driving out of the Livermore Valley via Patterson Pass into California's Central Valley. At one stop on a infrequently traveled rural road, they stop to exchange drivers and Ginger stalls. Lynn's "heart is in his mouth" when Ginger responds slowly to the starter, but she does start and the expedition continues on. Before the drive is over, they put about 30 miles on the odometer.

Once they return to the garage, Jim performs a hand tuning of the carburetor and ignition timing. The car has been running better as a result.

From Lynn's perspective the visit was great fun and a wonderful success. After his visitors leave, Lynn spends some time organizing his notes. In spite of likely missing important details, Lynn generates a list of more than 60 items to work on! This visit has greatly advanced his understanding of the car and planning of his future efforts. Thanks, guys!

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