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Ironstone Concours d´Elegance
Sep. 15, 2010

Lynn & Jeanne
Lynn and Jeanne pose for a photo next to Bugsby.

In 2009, Bugsby was scheduled to be exhibited at the Ironstone Winery Concours d'Elegance, but a engine valve-seat failure earlier in the summer prevented him from participating. Lynn and Jeanne Kissel file an application to exhibit the car at the 2010 show, hoping for a more favorable result from the effort this year.

center field
Bugsby has a great position on the show field—front row, center.

Jeanne and Lynn are not disappointed at the show. Bugsby has perhaps the absolute best position on the field and is displayed in the center of the first row of the amphitheater.

Vic Groah and his 1912 KisselKar
Vic Groah stands next to his 1912 KisselKar 4-50 Touring.

Bugsby isn't the only Kissel at the show. Friends Vic and Linda Groah exhibit their handsome 1912 KisselKar 4-50 Touring.

on the ramp trophy Bugsby on the lawn
Bugsby waits in line on the ramp leading to the stage where the trophies are presented (left). Bugsby receives the "Most Exciting Open" car award (center). After the show, a photographer invites Bugsby to pose for photos on the lawn (right).

As luck will have it, Bugsby receives one of the special awards, Most Exciting Open. Apparently the judges this he is the most exciting convertible car on the field, a new honor for Bugsby!

The Kissels look forward to a future opportunity to exhibit their cars at the Ironstone Concours.

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