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Brass-in-the-Grass Show
May 22, 2011

Best in Class
Bugsby wins First-Place and Best-of-Class awards in the "Roaring Twenties" category at the show.

Staying over night in Santa Rosa after the Steam Sawmill Tour on May 21, the Kissels exhibit Bugsby at the Brass-in-the-Grass Show. This is the second year for the show but the first time that the Kissels have participated.

Curved Dash Olds Cord big truck
There was a wide variety in the exhibits, from this early 1900s Curved Dash Oldsmobile (left), an unrestored 1937 Cord (center) and a huge truck (right).

One thing that strikes Lynn about the show is the wide diversity of the exhibits. There is an eclectic mix of cars and trucks, military vehicles, stationary engines, powered farm equipment and motorcycles. A variety of vendors includes vintage clothing. A large display of quilts are exhibited.

Lynn James
Lynn James exits his 1931 American Austin Roadster.

Lynn's friend Lynn James is there. He and about six others are exhibiting their American Austin cars and trucks.

military vehicles military vehicles military vehicles WWII tent and pack
A large collection of military vehicles are on display. A World-War-II pup tent and contents of a field pack are on display (far right).

In addition to receiving a first-place ribbon (there were a lot of these awarded), Bugsby received a best-in-class award for the "Roaring 20s" category in which he was entered. The best-in-class awards were unique, hand built items.

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