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Best of Show
at the 12th Annual Hot Copper Car Show
May 5, 2012

Best of Show
Lynn proudly displays Bugsby's Best-of-Show award. (Jack Cox)

Lynn and Jeanne's friends Neil and Linda invite them to enter Bugsby in the 12th annual Hot Copper Car Show. The Kissels' will also spend the weekend as guests of Neil and Linda at their Copperoplis home.

The show is held in the new/old town square of Copperoplis, California. Although this new town center has been recently constructed, the architecture reflects the heritage of this 1800's mining town and is designed to look much older. The town center has a central green with a band stand. Adjoining the central square is several blocks of shops, restaurants and condos.

In its day, Copperopolis produced 72 million pounds of copper, some of which was used to make bullets for the US Civil War. Mark Twain wrote "The Celebrated Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County" in Copperopolis.

show show show
Some views of the show

Lynn and Neil arrive at the show relatively early and snag one of the last parking spot on the central square. They are perfectly sited in front of the town hall, a three-story building that dominates the square and features a clock tower on its roof. Neil selected this spot as the building will give them shade for part of the day, important because it can become hot under a cloudless sky in this part of the country.

Cars continue to arrive for several more hours and it is said that about 250 are on display. Most of them are modified cars, but there are some unmodified cars scattered throughout the show.

Doug and Sharon, another couple that are good friends with the Kissels' join them at the show. Later, other friends Jeff and Diane join the group. It is great fun to be with this growing group of friends.

Part of Bugsby's booster club (left to right): Jeff, Jeanne, Doug, Sharon, Neil and Linda.

Bugsby receives a great deal of attention from the show attendees. In fact, Lynn concludes that he's something of a "chick magnet." On many occasions, Lynn observes couples stroll past the car wherein the male takes no notice, but the female sees Bugsby and drags her companion back to take a closer look.

As the day progresses, it becomes obvious that Bugsby has won an award. A yellow "smiley face" sticker has been applied to one of his headlights. Other people tell Lynn that this indicates that the car has been judged and awarded some prize. Much to Lynn's surprise, it turns out that Bugsby receives the Best-of-Show award, the biggest trophy that Bugsby has ever received.

A photo of Bugsby makes it to the first page of an on-line article in the Copper Gazette. Additional pictures of the show can be found here.

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