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Kevin Schell has done considerable body work on Bugsby. He has stripped and painted Bugsby's frame and body, recreated the signature Kissel "bumble-bee" or "turtle-back" rear deck.
Dan Nudelman Dan Nudelman and Gene Hale have done considerable work on Bugsby's engine. Dan has rebuilt the engine using pistons that he's adopted from a Continental engine. Gene had done multiple crack repairs on Bugsby's block
Dino Palermo has created wonderful the green leather interior for Bugsby. Using drawings and photos that Lynn provided, Dino duplicates the number of panels, placement of buttons and other historically correct details. Great job, Dino.
Anino's Upholstery Lynn met Joe Anino through the Bay Area Horseless Carriage Club. Based on recommendations from other members and some one-on-one discussions, Lynn contracts with Joe to create the top for Bugsby. In addition to the top, Joe makes a boot (to cover the folded top), side curtains, tonneau cover (to protect the cockpit from rain and sun) and sleeves for the fenders (to protect them from scratches). Joe also creates a leather interior for Bugsby Junior, a pedal car that Lynn's building to look similar to Bugsby.
Johnson Plating Works Lynn has used Johnson Plating Works for all the nickel plating and polishing of aluminum on Bugsby. Jon Diamond and Jim Macedone have taken a genuine interest in making Bugsby's bright work look as good as they can.
Mel's Leather and Horsehair Mel creates the steam-bent oak bows for Bugsby's top.
Jerry Washburn rebuilt Bugsby's water pump, installing modern bearings and seals.
Classical Clocks business card Nile Godfrey was strongly recommended to Lynn as the individual to restore the car clock for Bugsby. Lynn has been very pleased with his work and recomments Nile to others.
Maas Brothers Powder Coating had done the powder coating of Bugsby's wheels.
Scott Young and son has a unique business, restoring automotive instrument dials. Scott has retored several placards on Bugsby's engine.
Earl Minkler is a general-purpose machinist who has fabricated a replacement shaft, incorporating sealed (no maintenance) bearings, for Bugsby's radiator fan.
John Boorinakis John Boorinakis (John's Enterprises) has fabricated sockets for the Bugsby's top (taking two years to deliver).

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