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Josh Malks
Capitola, CA
Josh is the owner of Moonshadow (a 1936 810 Westchester sedan) and a self-proclaimed Cord nut. He maintains a website that he calls CordNet and is the author of several books on Cords and old cars. His most recent book is called Cord Complete, an ultimate resource for any Cord fan. Lynn purchased this book even before he acquired Ginger and has read it cover to cover.

Josh (along with Allan McCrary and Jim Lawrence) visited Lynn and Ginger soon after the car arrived in Livermore. Josh has provided Lynn with untold tips about responsible ownership of his Cord.

Allan McCrary
Vacaville, CA
Lynn met Allan at the Niello Concours d'Elegance at Serrano, where Allan was exhibiting his 1936 Cord 810 Cabriolet. Allan has spent an extraordinarly amount of time helping to integrate Lynn into the larger Cord community, providing innumerable pointers to parts and other resources. Allan was responsible for organizing the early visit with Josh Malks and Jim Lawrence that really kick-started Lynn's efforts with Ginger.

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