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The Serious Freshening

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Cooling—Descale Engine

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-04-09 — Started: 2005-12-30

CLEARING WATER JACKET: When Lynn removes the head, he discovers that many of the water passages in the block are clogged with rust and scale (top). Using a shop vacuum to dry out the water jacket in the block (bottom left), he uses a variety to tools to chisel and scrap off the scale (bottom center), and draws out the scale (bottom right) with a shop vacuum.

Work Completed:
Bugsby had been overheating before Lynn begins his serious refresh. Although the situation had been improving, Lynn wanted to pay special attention to the cooling system.

When Lynn removes the cylinder head, he finds many of the water passages are clogged and restricted with a build up of rust and scale. After draining the coolant, he uses a shop vacuum in exhaust mode to slightly warm and dry out the block. Working through the small openings, Lynn uses screw drivers, wire, a hack saw blade and other implements to chisel and scrap away at the rust. Using the shop vacuum and a thin tube duct taped to the end of the hose, Lynn sucks most of the scale out through the small access holes. He also uses the magnet on the end of an inspection mirror to draw out more of the scale. Compressed air is also employed to blow out some of the contamination.

It was a long, tiring, tedious operation, but in the end Lynn removes a tremendous amount of mud, scale and rust. Bugsby should run a lot cooler, now.

Work Remaining:

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