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The Serious Freshening

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Cooling—Rebuild Water Pump

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Revised: 2006-04-25 — Started: 2006-03-27

WATER PUMP: Images of the water pump before (top) and after rebuilding (bottom).

Work Completed:
Lynn initially suspected that the water pump might not have been working correctly since Bugsby had been overheating. However, after tearing the pump apart and rebuilding it, he thinks that it was functioning correctly and that the overheating was due to clogged water passages. He also intends to reverse flush the radiator before its reinstalled.

In any case, the pump has gotten new packing seals, new high-head fasteners and a fresh coat of paint. Lynn will reinstall it with new brick-red hand-wrapped radiator hose and new "Ideal" adjustable band clamps. It may not work any better, but it sure looks better.

NEW GREASE CUPS: The rebuilt water pump installed on the engine (left) has two new grease cups with integral check valves. Outwardly these appear to be normal grease cups (center), but Lynn has installed Zerk-type grease fittings to make maintenance easier.

Some time before the engine as disassembled, Lynn had installed new grease cups throughout the engine and chassis. He was surprised to find that the two cups on the water pump both leaked water and that the warm water quickly dissolved and liquified the general purpose grease that he had used. Carefully studying Kissel Parts List No. 64, Lynn discovers that the grease cups on the water pump have check valves built in.

After a long search online and several calls to vendors, Lynn finally finds that he can acquire grease cups with check valves from Moyer Marine (Oberdorfer grease cup CSOB_07_68). To make maintenance easier, Lynn cuts threads into the body of the cups using a 1/8" pipe-thread tap and installs Zerk-type grease fittings. Ordering some water pump grease, Lynn loads this into a small hand-type grease gun that he acquired locally. Now he has a water pump lubrication scheme that he's proud of.

Work Remaining:

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