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The Serious Freshening

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Chassis—Strip & Paint Frame

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-01-29 — Started: 2006-01-03

BODY OFF FRAME: One thing leads to another. Once the engine is removed (left), Lynn removes the fenders (left center) so he can paint the front frame. Once the fenders are off, it's an easy matter to lift the body off the frame (right center, right) and paint the whole frame.

Work Completed:
The compression test that Lynn performed during his initial freshening leads him to remove the engine and send it to a machine shop for a valve job. Once the engine is out, Lynn decides he should paint the front frame and firewall. To make for easier access, he removes the fenders. Once the fenders are off, Lynn realizes there's only about 6 bolts connecting the body to the frame. With the use of a floor jack, Lynn lifts the body free of the frame.

Initially Lynn was only planning to degrease the frame and paint it with a brush. But after getting a good look at it, he decides he'd like to have the frame blasted clean then painted. When Lynn asks Charlie (the manager) at AABCO if he has any recommendation for a place that can sand blast a frame, he says that Charlie (the owner) recently had that done. Charlie (the owner) was pleased with the job that Kevin Schell recently did for him at California Reflections. Lynn makes a beeline to see Kevin and arranges to bring the frame in the following week.

Lynn discovers that Kevin actually has three business at the same location. California Reflections is a body and paint shop. Bay Area Media Blasting is his business for removing paint. He uses a plastic (rather than sand) to blast clean parts as it doesn't scratch glass or chrome trim. He also operates 30 Minute Muffler, an exhaust and muffler shop at this location. Lynn will likely talk with Kevin about some exhaust work on Bugsby once Lynn gets the car put back together (and his bank account and credit card balances return to normal).

OFF TO PAINT: Bugsby's frame has been stripped of most items and is ready to tow to the shop (left). David and Kevin inspect the frame after it arrives at their shop (right).

In about four days, Kevin and his technicians clean Bugsby's frame and cover it with a black epoxy paint. It looks great.

Once Lynn gets the frame home, he replaces all the cotter pins, reinstalls his faux grease cups.

BEFORE AND AFTER: The top row of images show the condition of the frame before it is stripped and painted while the bottom row shows the frame after the treatment.

Work Remaining:

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