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The Serious Freshening

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Chassis—Nickel Valve Stem Covers

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-04-30 — Started: 2006-04-17

METAL VALVE STEM COVERS: The valve stem covers do not fit Bugsby's stems when they first arrive from Coker Tire (top). Lynn discovers that he can remove the part that threads to the top of the valve and he machines the cover to fit (bottom).

Work Completed:
Lynn's been told that it's definitely bad form to show rubber valve stems on a 1920's car. Valve stems should be metal prior to 1930 (according to the Official Judging Manual of the AACA). Lynn's been on the lookout for some suitable metal covers. He sees some nickel covers for rubber stems for sale by Coker Tire so he purchases six. He's disappointed to find when they arrived that they don't fit his stems.

Lynn is preparing to call Coker to return the covers, when he accidently finds that a plug that screws onto the top of the stem can be removed with an hex wrench, giving him clean access to the interior of the cover. The covers are still not quite long or wide enough to fit, but using his drill press and small lathe Lynn is able to remove enough metal to achieve a reasonable fit.

Work Remaining:

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