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The Serious Freshening

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Exterior—New Hatch Handles

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2007-03-06 — Started: 2007-02-18

HATCH HANDLES: Two handles are visible in this photo of Al Nippert's 1923 6-55 Speedster (left). After spending about a week looking for suitable hardware, Lynn buys three different styles of nickel plated handles on the Internet, shown above the ruler (center) and compared with the existing hood handle below the ruler. Lynn selects the medium sized handle and polishes the finish on a buffing wheel (right).

Work Completed:
Kevin Schell needs all the hatch hardware so that he can complete his work on the rear hatch of Bugsby. Lynn thinks he's gotten Kevin everything he needs to complete his work, but he spots handles on the rear hatch of a Kissel Speedster while reviewing pictures on his computer. Wow, he's forgotten all about this.

Although the picture of Nippert's car is not detailed enough for him to get a clear look, Lynn guesses that the handles on the rear hatch were likely the same as, or similar to the handles on the side of the hood. It takes a great deal of time of searching on-line, but Lynn is eventually able to find a few examples of hardware that he feels is appropriate. Unfortunately none of them match the hood handle as closely as Lynn would like.

The handles that Lynn selects have a nickel finish but it has a matte or frosted finish, dissimilar to the shinny bright finish on the hood handles. Happily Lynn is able to buff the new handles to a bright finish.

Lynn is also unimpressed with the #6 sized bolts that are supplied with the handles. He uses a drill and a tap to allow use of #10-32 bolts to attach the handles. As the handles will be used to lift the large, heavy hatch, the larger attaching bolts should help strengthen the connection.

Work Remaining:

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