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The Serious Freshening

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Chassis—New Tail Light

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-08-28 — Started: 2006-06-17

WRONG TAIL LIGHT: The tail light that came with Bugsby (left) is not original to the vehicle. The characteristic triangle shape of the correct tail light can be seen from this rear view of a 1923-24 6-55 Speedster from a Kissel sales brochure (right).

RECONDITIONED STOP LIGHT: A tail light body (top row) is donated to Lynn by Ken MacKinnon. Separately a new bezel and jewel is located for Lynn by Dave Arnold. Combining these two pieces, Dave replates the bezel, paints the body and Lynn has a shiny new historically correct tail light for Bugsby.

Work Completed:
As delivered to Lynn, Bugsby has an historically incorrect tail light. Lynn suspects that the tail light is from a Ford Model A, but he isn't certain. He is certain that it is incorrect for his Kissel Speedster.

At the 100 year anniversary celebration, Lynn learns that Dave Arnold has located a bezel of a Kissel tail light. Unfortunately it is missing most of the glass although it has one good green jewel.

Separately as a return favor Ken MacKinnon offers Lynn an almost complete Kissel tail light. Unfortunately it is missing one green jewel and the jewel mount is crushed. As Lynn's luck has it, the combination of the pieces from Dave and Ken will create one complete light.

Dave cleans and paints the light body, black outside and white inside. He adds mounting bolts with nickel acorn nuts and a connector for the body wiring. After getting the bezel freshly nickel plated, Dave sends Lynn a shiny reconditioned Kissel tail light for Bugsby.

Work Remaining:

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