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The Serious Freshening

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Exterior—Virtual Paint Job

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-02-19 — Started: 2006-02-17

VIRTUAL PAINT: Lynn uses his computer to compare Bugsby's current pale yellow color (left) with what it might look like in Kissel chrome yellow (right), matched to his picture of Dupont SpectraMaster YS379.

Work Completed:
Lynn's previous reaction to the Kissel chrome yellow has been that it is too loud for modern tastes. However, he's beginning to warm to the idea of repainting Bugsby in its original color. Lynn is being swayed by the historical significance of the color (it's what gave the "Gold Bug" its name) and the fact that Bugsby apparently left the factory wearing this color. He thinks Dave Arnold would advise Lynn to restore the original color. In fact, when he visited Dave in late January, Lynn commented that the Kissel chrome yellow is garish for modern tastes. Dave's response was that it was "loud" in the 1920's, too. As he reviews these images, the current pale yellow color is starting to look way too pale to Lynn. He's probably already reached the tipping point in his color choice and will likely restore Bugsby to something approximating the color it left Wisconsin with in 1924.

Using his computer and image processing software, Lynn gives Bugsby a virtual paint job. Using the photos he took of the color chips. Lynn wonders how accurate this virtual paint job is and looks forward to comparing it with the final new finish.

Work Remaining:

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