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The Serious Freshening

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Exterior—What Color IS Kissel Chrome Yellow?

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Revised: 2006-04-09 — Started: 2006-02-17

KISSEL CHROME YELLOW: Chrome yellow on Bugsby is found after removing an original piece of floor trim (left). Using Dupont SpectraMaster paint chips, Kevin and Lynn determine that code YS379 (center, right) is a very close match to this color.

Work Completed:
Lynn has come to the conclusion that he should refinish Bugsby in the original Kissel chrome yellow that it was painted when it originally left the factory. But what color IS that anyway?

Using samples from the Dupont SpectraMaster color chip library, Kevin Schell and Lynn examine the paint that Lynn found under the floor and door trim. After removing the right door and carrying it out into the sunlight, a careful comparison finds that the paint very closely matches color code YS379. This color is almost a pure yellow, with just a hint of green. Kevin tells Lynn that the hint of green in the pure yellow makes the color "POP".

Lynn also notes that YS907 is a very close match, almost indistinguishable from YS379. Lynn guesses that it would be almost impossible for most people to tell the difference between YS379 and YS907 unless there was very good light and both colors were compared side-by-side.

It's unclear to Lynn if the samples he used for this color match were actual original factory paint, or from Ron Griffiths restoration from 1964. Lynn would love to hear if others have reached independent conclusions about the color code for Kissel chrome yellow and whether it agrees with Lynn's current working assumption.

Work Remaining:

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