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The Serious Freshening

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Engine—Modern Oil Filter Added

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-03-19 — Started: 2006-02-10

FILTERED OIL: Lynn buys parts to add a modern spin-on oil filter (top). The original output from the oil pump (top left) is diverted to the new filter (middle center, right). Holes are added to the block for the new oil lines (bottom left) and mounting holes are taped into the oil pan (bottom left center). The oil filter, mount and lines are shown after final assembly (bottom right center) and a coat of matte black paint (bottom right).

Work Completed:
Lynn couldn't stand to idea of driving Bugsby around without an oil filter. Using a generic spin-on filter mount, he bypasses the output of the oil pump to the filter.

Lynn selects a very common filter (Ford early 5.0L V8) for use on Bugsby. He finds a website that has performed an engine oil filter study. The author bought, disassembled and inspected every brand of this size filter he could find. Lynn's conclusion after reading this site was that he would buy Motorcraft filters in the future (good combination of quality construction and low price).

While a good oil filter is important for normal street use, it's installation on Bugsby will impact its showing at serious Concours d'Elegance shows. For these instances Lynn plans to unbolt the filter and mount from the engine and attach a short piece of tubing to the connectors sticking out of the block.

Work Remaining:

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