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The Serious Freshening

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Engine—Recondition Vacuum Fuel Pump

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-04-12 — Started: 2006-01-27

RESTORE ORIGINAL FUEL PUMP: Bugsby's Stewart vacuum fuel pump after restoration by Dave Arnold.

Work Completed:
When Lynn originally purchased Bugsby, the fuel was delivered to the carburetor by a 6V electric fuel pump. While the original Stewart vacuum fuel pump was still in the car, it was not functional and the fuel lines had extra valves and lines to bypass the pump. Further, the Stewart pump had some old fuel in it that stunk to high heaven

Encouraged by his visit on Jan. 27, 2006, Lynn arranges to send his vacuum fuel pump to Dave Arnold for reconditioning. Dave does a thorough job reconditioning the pump, completely disassembling the unit. Dave replaces the older spring/diaphragm unit in Lynn's tank with a newer, more reliable one.

As you can see from these pictures, Dave does an extraordinarily fine job. Lynn can't wait to get the unit back into Bugsby and see how it functions.

Work Remaining:

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