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The Serious Freshening

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Interior—Fyrac Spotlights

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2007-12-23 — Started: 2006-07-01

FYRAC LIGHTS: New windshield glass and Fyrac spotlights on Bugsby (left), inspired by those on Dwayne Ashmead's car (right).

Work Completed:
Inspired by the lights on Dwayne Ashmead's car, Lynn acquires a pair of Fyrac spotlights. Auxiliary lights were a popular add-on to old cars. The Fyrac lights are particularly interesting as they mount through holes in the windshield.


The old windshield is marked as a pattern for the new glass (left). A close-up of the installed Fyrac shows the pistol-shape handle (center) and the front view (right).

The existing windshield on Bugsby will be replaced as the glass is discolored and delaminating along the top edge. Lynn marks the old glass for use in cutting a new windshield.

Apparently making holes in ordinary plate glass (like that in cars in the 1920's) is not too hard. But there are fewer automotive glass shops that are willing to cut holes in modern laminated safety glass.

In the end, a crack does develop between the bottom edge of one of the Fyrac holes and the bottom edge of the windshield. Lynn is suspicious that this may have been caused by windshield frame mounting bolts that are too long, being driven against the bottom edge of the glass during installation of the frame on the car. In any case, the crack is in a place that causes minimum distraction so Lynn doesn't plan to replace the glass for now.

Work Remaining:

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