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The Serious Freshening

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Engine—Straighten Cylinder Head

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Revised: 2006-04-10 — Started: 2005-12-27

CYLINDER HEAD STRAIGHTENED: The cylinder head after being cleaned with a wire brush and machined straight. Lynn was told that about 0.010" of material was removed to achieve a flat surface.

Work Completed:
Lynn cleaned the carbon off the head using a drill motor and a wire brush. He takes the head to the machine shop at D&M Auto to be straightened.

CYLINDER HEAD REFINISHED: The cylinder head on Bugsby before Lynn starts his refinish (left). After removing the outer layer of paint (center), Lynn finds that the head didn't originally sport the red highlights. For his final finish (right), Lynn sands the high points to bare, shiny metal and coats it with a clear engine paint.

Using cast-iron-gray AREMCO 1200°F Pyro-Paint™ that he obtained from Restoration Supply Company, Lynn refinishes cylinder head. Originally planning to duplicate the red highlights on the head, Lynn reconsiders this as he removes the old paint and doesn't find evidence that Bugsby had left the factory with the extra color treatment. As an alternative, Lynn sands the high points until shiny metal shows, then coats the head with a 500°F clear engine paint. Lynn thinks this creates and understated and elegant appearance.

REPAINT CYLINDER: On Apr. 9, Lynn repaints the cylinder head on Bugsby to match the latest choice in engine color.

Lynn repaints the cylinder heads to match the latest choice in engine color, retaining the darker cast-iron-gray paint within the raised boxes. He sands the tops of the raised boxes and letters coats the entire head in clear high-temperature engine paint. This treatment appears to follow that done by Bill Trollope (?) but the color choice is more subdued.

Work Remaining:

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