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The Serious Freshening

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Engine—Oil Level Gauge

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-03-19 — Started: 2006-01-02

OIL LEVEL GAUGE FACE: The new dial face created by Scott Young (top left) and the original dial face removed from Bugsby (top right). The restored gauge is shown in final assembly (middle). Details of the restoration are shown: brass bushing, drilled and taped shaft, and dial locating pins (bottom left); painted dial attached to shaft (bottom left center); new replaceable float made from champaign cork (bottom right center); and new fasteners and mounting gasket (bottom right).

Work Completed:
Lynn's first attempt to restore the oil level gauge dial on Bugsby was a temporary fix at best. Within months the paper dial that Lynn created was badly swelled and distorted after it absorbed oil.

While studying a Restoration Supply Company catalog, Lynn saw a an advertisement from Scott Young for show quality restoration of metal dials. After a couple of phone calls and a letter, Lynn received the beautiful replacement dial for Bugsby's oil level indicator.

While this work isn't cheap, it definitely is good. Lynn anticipates contacting Scott to restore other dials and ID plaques on Bugsby.

To complete this repair, Lynn makes the indicator dial removable by drilling and tapping the shaft - originally the dial was permanently mounted to the shaft. Lynn adds a small brass bushing and washer to keep the dial from scratching the new dial face. Lynn modifies the float assembly so that the cork can be replaced in the future, if needed.

Work Remaining:

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