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The Serious Freshening

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Chassis—New Exhaust System

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2006-08-25 — Started: 2006-08-09

EXISTING EXHAUST AND TAIL PIPES: The existing flexible exhaust pipe (left) and stubby tail pipe (center) in Bugsby are not authentic. The correct major exhaust system components for Bugsby are highlighted in this illustration from Kissel Parts List No. 63 (right). Starting from the exhaust manifold, the major components are: solid exhaust pipe (part #95013-66); exhaust cut-out (part #95767-51); cut-out nipple (part #95707-11); muffler (part #95017-70); and tail pipe (part #95514-105). Also highlighted are the two parts of the tail pipe hanger (parts #96441-1 and #95880-50).

NEW EXHAUST AND TAIL PIPES: Andrew from 30 Minute Muffler (left) creates new exhaust and tail pipes following the general shape of the pipes shown in the Kissel parts list.

Work Completed:
As delivered to Lynn, Bugsby has a flexible exhaust pipe (pipe connecting exhaust header to muffler) and a stubby tail pipe (pipe after muffler) that ends before the rear axle. At the time Lynn has no basis for questioning the authenticity of this configuration. More recently Lynn has a close inspection of DeWayne Ashmead's 1925 Kissel Speedster and has acquired a copy of Kissel Parts List No. 63. Both of these sources have a solid exhaust pipe and a long tail pipe that ends by the rear bumper. Further, the flexible pipe on Bugsby has a big crack and is leaking exhaust gas. Since it needs to be fixed, Lynn figures he'll try to achieve a more authentic configuration in the process.

Bugsby is currently having major body work done by Kevin Schell who owns three collocated businesses in Livermore: California Reflections is a body and paint shop; Bay Area Media Blasting is a parts stripping business; and 30 Minute Muffler does exhaust work. To this point Lynn has made use of the blasting service and the body shop. Looks like Lynn can use Kevin's exhaust service, too.

Using illustrations from the Kissel parts book, Lynn discusses his desire for facsimile exhaust and tail pipes for Bugsby. Technician Andrew carefully creates pipes that mimic the style of the Kissel parts. Andrew bends three exhaust pipes before he gets the results he wants.

COMPLETING THE EXHAUST WORK: Andrew welds the two halves of the exhaust pipe together (left) and Kevin creates a tail pipe hanger (center). Listen to the SOUND of Bugsby's new exhaust (right).

Kevin and Andrew have clearly gotten into the spirit of Lynn's restoration efforts. They have ordered some metal stock to fabricate a facsimile tail pipe hanger that they see in the Kissel parts list. Kevin even stamps the part number he notes from the parts list on his new hanger.

Work Remaining:

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