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The Serious Freshening

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Interior—Car Clock

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Completed: 2008-08-30 — Started: 2006-07-01

old VDO clock Motor Age 1919 three replacement clocks new clock
An electric 1950's clock was received with Bugsby (left). As seen in this 1919 Motor Age ad (left center), a Waltham car clock is an appropriate replacement. Three Waltham clocks (center right) have been recondition and the long-stem one is installed in Bugsby's new instrument panel (right).

Work Completed:
Bugsby was delivered with a 1950's VDO electric clock which is patently not the correct clock for this car. Lynn obtains a 1919 Motor Age advertisement that shows a Waltham clock installed in a Kissel.

Lynn has acquired three different Waltham car clocks on ebay: one has the right length stem but doesn't run at all; the second one runs well but the stem is too short for Bugsby's instrument panel; the third one doesn't run well and the stem is too short.

The one with the long-stem was advertised to be likely taken out of a Kissel car at the factory. Apparently it came from the seller's grandparents attic, and the grandfather had worked for the Kissel Motor Car Company in the 1920's. The seller's grandmother said that it was from a Kissel car because the grandfather was always dragging old junk home with him from work! Well, this "junky" old thing did not work because the axle-shaft on the balance wheel was broken. Otherwise, the case and crystal looks relatively new and shows little wear. Lynn suspects that the watch was dropped or otherwise defective at the factory.

Based on a recommendation he received at the Rimz & Ribz II car show, Lynn took all three clocks to Nile Godfrey at Classical Clocks & Antiques for repair. At Lynn's request, Nile used the best parts from all three clocks to recondition the long-stem watch which has been installed in Bugsby. Nile also reconditioned and fixed the other two clocks as well.

Work Remaining:

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