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The Serious Freshening

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Cooling—Recreate Thermostat Bypass Pipe

Lynn in Bugsby, September 5, 2005

Cancelled: 2008-04-05; Started: 2006-04-29

THERMOSTAT BYPASS PIPE: Image of the right-hand-side of the Model 6-55 engine from the Kissel Instruction Book No. 7 (left). Zoomed view of the thermostat bypass pipe (center) is seen to be missing on Bugsby's engine (right).

Work Completed:
A former owner has removed the thermostat bypass pipe from Bugsby's engine. Although it will serve no functional purpose, Lynn still intends to recreate this pipe to make Bugsby's engine appear as close to original as possible.

One tricky item is the connection of the pipe to the water pump input hose. Making a sound connection of the pipe to this hose that doesn't leak will require some care.

Work Remaining:
Lynn has decided to cancel this effort for now. He is worried about compromising the integraty of the lower radiator hose. Maybe he will revisit this item in a future round of restoration efforts.

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