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Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
May 9, 2009

Wolfman with Bugsby
Oakland Raiders booster Wolfman poses with Bugsby before the start of the parade.

Lynn had so much fun last year that he enters Bugsby in the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade for a second year in a row.

Having been in the parade before, Lynn had a much better idea of what to expect. He recognizes, and is recognized by, many of the neighboring exhibits in the staging line. As in the parade a year ago, a large group of costumed Oakland Raiders fans representing Vella's Locker Room comprise an exhibit near Bugsby. They take turns, singly, in groups and with others, posing for photos with Bugsby. Lynn also joins in for a few of them.

Gorilla Rilla poses with Bugsby and Lynn
Bugsby and Lynn with Gorilla Rilla.

Gorilla Rilla was one particularly active and vocal member of the group. Subsequently Lynn has discovered that Gorilla Rilla has an extensive MySpace page that contains pictures from many events and functions, including photos of this parade and Bugsby (see Lynn's muscle pose).

Bugsby in the parade Elevated angle shot of Bugsby High-angle shot of Bugsby
Bugsby and Lynn on parade. High-angle shots from a pedestrian walkway.

As with his appearance a year earlier, Lynn enjoyed the day. One thing he remembers to do this year is to be more animated, smiling and waving to the crowd.

Maybe next year Lynn will enter Annie in the parade, thinking that the spectators may be growing tired of repeated appearances of Bugsby.

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