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Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance
May 2-3, 2009

Bugsby in the winners circle!
Lynn with Bugsby in the winners circle! The car receives the third place in Class G—Classics, and Lynn receives the Chairman's Award.

The Hillsborough Concours d'Elegance has been described as the oldest, continuously running concours in the Western US. Lynn is delighted that Bugsby's application to exhibit at this important show has been accepted. It will kick off a busy month of May for Lynn who has signed-up Bugsby for this show and tour, the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade, the Marin-Sonoma Concours d'Elegance and Tour d'Elegance and the NATC Spring Tour.

Aborting the tour
Jeanne is a sport, but the mist is just too heavy for touring in an open car, today.

In addition to the concours, Lynn signs up for the associated Tour d'Elegance held on Saturday, May 2. Unfortunately the weather is not cooperative. On the morning of the tour, Lynn and Jeanne are greeted by a very heavy mist that becomes light rain at times. In spite of the inhospitable conditions, they set off for the tour rally point but it is just too much and they reluctantly return to the hotel. If Bugsby had a top or if he was participating alone, Lynn might have tried harder to complete the tour, but he could not subject Jeanne to these conditions.

Reception after the tour
Lynn and Jeanne manage to find the reception that follows the tour.

Fortunately Lynn has the presence of mind to locate the reception that follows the tour. This was an event that he and Jeanne thoroughly enjoyed. Held at a beautiful residence in Hillsborough, they are treated to some wonderful wine and food and conversation.

The excitement continues Saturday evening with a Judges' Reception at the Candy Store in Burlingame. You'd be forgiven if you thought this place sold confections based on sugar and chocolate. Instead, the Candy Store is a kind of club for people who own expensive and exotic cars. The building was formerly a Packard car dealership but now serves as a place to store members collector cars and host events like this reception.

The announcement for the reception noted that it was "black tie optional," so Lynn and Jeanne pick up on this and wear formal attire; Lynn dons a tuxedo with tails! This is great fun.

Rain on Bugsby Rain on Bugsby
The rain has thoroughly soaked poor Bugsby during the early hours of the show.

The weather forecast for the concours on Sunday is not encouraging, with 90% humidity and 50% chance of rain all day. Indeed it is wet and Lynn is not prepared. By 9 A.M., fairly steady light rain is falling and the water soaks right through the car cover that Lynn has brought. (Lynn, makes a mental note to have a plastic sheeting available at future events.)

Show field at 8 am Field at 9 AM cockpit cover
A very wet show field at 8 A.M. Karen and Ed Archer endure the rain in their 1921 Ford Tour Bus. Lynn admires this cockpit cover on Wendell Joost's 1921 Stutz Touring car.

Bugsby's new, green-leather interior is soaking wet and Lynn is afraid that it this will cause permanent damage. Indeed, Lynn later discovers that the finish on the leather has been damaged and permanent streaks have been created in the coverings of the door panels.Lynn wishes he had a top on Bugsby, but accepts this situation as there little he can do about it, now. He is encouraged by the example of Ed and Karen Archer who are bravely facing the rain in their open car.

Lynn spots a 1921 Stutz Touring car that is better equipped for this weather. The car sports a cockpit cover that is just the thing for keeping the water (or sun) off of the leather. When Lynn gets a top made for Bugsby, he will ask that a cockpit cover be made, too.

Class G - Classics Reflections of Bugsby SF 49er cheerleaders
Bugsby is in Class G (classic cars), the first seven cars in this photo. Reflections of Bugsby in a neighbor's hubcap. There is more than pretty cars to catch the eye.

By about 10 A.M. the sky lightens noticeably, the rain slackens and spirits begin to rise. People come out from under the eaves of the buildings and begin to roam among the cars on the field.

Judging Bugsby Judging Bugsby Judging Bugsby
The judging team gives Bugsby a good looking over (left). Someone should tell Lynn to take his hands out of his pockets (center). The judges and Lynn discuss details of Bugsby's centrifugal air cleaner (right).

With Bugsby still wet from the rain, the judges arrive for their inspection. They are friendly and pleasant and seem quite interested in the car. Lynn engages the judges with tidbits of the history of the Kissel Motor Car Company, Kissel Speedsters and Bugsby. He is quite relaxed and he enjoys the interaction with the judges.

Third place in Class G Chairman's Award The interview
Bugsby and Lynn receive their 3rd place award (left). Lynn receives the Chairman's Award (center). Lynn is interviewed by the announcer and gets the "Are you a real Kissel" question (right).
3rd place award Chairman's Award Chairman's Award
Third place award (left). Chairman's Award (center, right).

Later Lynn learns that Bugsby has received a third-place award in Class G—Classics. This really thrills Lynn.

But wait, Lynn also receives an award! Medea Isphoring Bern, the Executive Producer of the event, has selected Lynn to receive the Chairman's Award, given to the individual who's attire best fits the era of the car. Yahoo!

In spite of the aborted tour and wet start of the show, Lynn and Jeanne had a fabulous time.

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